Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First pages of forthcoming young adult novel

A First Crush

Bruce Ryyers was somewhere between daydreaming and loosely paying attention to Mrs. Whittaker’s dreadfully boring 5th grade lesson plan. Bruce, a thin boy with straight brown hair, was sitting upright, adjacent from his female classmate’s desk. Bruce overheard a girl’s voice whispering from behind him.
“I can’t stop thinking of Bruce Ryyers.”
Among his classmates were rebellious children providing loud and constant chatter, but Bruce caught every word. His bright green eyes opened up wide as the girl’s flattering remark interrupted his wild imagination. This single statement suddenly ignited a lifelong exuberance that would remain instilled in his young mind. For those were the first kind sentiments Bruce had ever heard by any girl about him. He smiled at the notion that his humble existence had indeed affected someone else’s life.
That person being a girl that Bruce had known as far back as kindergarten. Her name was Sally. She had short, golden and curly locks that tangled above her shoulders and thick round glasses that fit ever so small upon her youthful, plump cheeks. Sally turned her head to look at Bruce with her eyes goggling as she stared directly at him. A stern Mrs. Whittaker
caught Sally not paying attention and just as she was about to call out Sally’s name, one of the legs of Sally’s chair finally had enough of the burden from her plus-sized weight as it gave way with a striking, pulsing snap.
Immediately Sally went falling backwards, her arms wailing as she fell with her table still attached to the broken chair. The whole classroom erupted into a ferocious laughter that included everyone, except Mrs. Whittaker, who wore a face of astonishment. She felt entirely embarrassed for poor Sally. This was not the girl Bruce would daydream about. In fact she was quite the opposite of that.
Bruce’s attention had always been captured by his vivid imagination, as his teachers over the years had always remarked, including Mrs. Whittaker. However, Bruce never interrupted any of his teachers and would rather draw or create his stories to show his friends. There was hardly any girl able to disrupt his world until the day he met his first crush. Her name was Rachel Summers. Her name was fitting for a girl that seemed to have an outstanding glow around her at all times.
This was the very morning that Rachel first waltzed into Mrs. Whittaker’s 5th grade class. She was led by the vastly intimidating Assistant Principal, Mr. Reese, down the corridor into her new classroom. As they approached, echoes of the noise could be heard as the class was out of control after poor plump Sally’s fall.
A puffy, red-faced Miss Whittaker started to snap her fingers and stomp her feet at the head of the class just as Mr. Reese opened the door. Mr. Reese was an incredibly large black, burly-bearded man. He naturally stood out amongst any background. The then unknown Rachel Summers followed walking in behind him.
“What’s all this commotion? Everybody calm down! Everyone!” Mr. Reese spoke in an invigorated tone. The large man took a few steps toward the middle of the room as the young girl continued to follow him. The laughter immediately subsided. Everyone knew Mr. Reese was a man of strict discipline. He looked over at an embarrassed Miss Whittaker before speaking
“You have a new student, ladies and gentlemen. I expect all of you to welcome her and treat her well. Her name is Rachel Summers.”
Every boy, including Bruce, took note of the new girl standing at the front of the class. Bruce’s eyes locked onto her as she flashed an impeccable smile. Normally the presence of Mr. Reese would demand attention, but seemingly everyone was captured by their newest classmate. She was wearing a bright aqua shirt and holding a smirk on her face, astonished at what she had just witnessed. Miss Whittaker looked down at her newest student and spoke, ”Sorry you had to see your class act that way.” Miss Whittaker’s face was still a bright reddish tone like that of a ripe tomato.
At that moment a cry echoed out for help, “Can somebody help me up?” A forgotten Sally still laid on the floor attached to her chair that remained connected with her desk. Mr. Reese acted swiftly, “Ooh child!” He marched over with a stern look on his face as he lifted Sally up out of the broken chair with one arm. Sally spoke aloud after she was pried out, “Thank you, Mr. Reese!” 


  1. MTV's Ridiculousness is interested in licensing this clip of yours -
    Please email me at and I will explain the process of getting your video on TV! Thanks!

  2. MTV's Ridiculousness is interested in licensing this clip of yours -
    Please email me at and I will explain the process of getting your video on TV! Thanks!